Electro is in big trouble, he has been selected for a secret experiment. The experiment: how fast can he run, dive, jump, and outwit the killer maze he is trapped in. He needs your help to guide him through this fun and addictive runner!

Created by Andre Pothier. Available for Android Phones/Tablets.


A bio-mechanical robotic organism has invaded and destroyed your phone. It has planted metal mushrooms everywhere and is planning to take down all the phones in the universe! It's up too you to stop this robotic centipede and save your phone and the universe...are you up for it?

Robotipede was inspired by arcade classics like CentipedeĀ© and MillipedeĀ© but designed specifically for use with mobile devices. Instead of a classic trackball, Robotipede uses a unique touch-and-shoot controls replicating the genuine arcade experience on your phone or tablet.

Robotpede has two versions for each platform. A free version with adds and a paid version without adds and a global high score charts! Can you be the next Robotipede Master?

Created by Andre Pothier. Available for Android Phones/Tablets and iPod/iPhone/iPad.

Robotipede Robotipede Lite Price:
Robotipede Dx Robotipede

Space is Not Invading

Aliens have tried many times to invade earth through space but with no success. They have had enough and they have a genius plan to invade through the pong universe. It is up to you to master the paddle controller and save earth!

Created by Andre Pothier. Available for Android Phones/Tablets and iPhone.

Tennis for One

In 1958, a Oscilloscope game called "Tennis for Two" sweep all seven people who got to play it in the Brookhaven National Laboratory. In 1972, Atari stole multiple people's idea and created pong and created the popular video game. In 2014, 16 Bit Games steals everyone else idea and creates "Tennis for One" on the platform that has stolen more ideas then any other console in history (except for the Atari Jaguar....that was sadly original). Features of the game include, retro mode (8-bit version), modern mode (updated with six REAL colours), high score save and delete features. NO IN APP PURCHASES AND NO ADDS! Completely free!

Created by Andre Pothier. Available for Android Phones/Tablets and Windows Phone 7+.

Free the Internet

The Internet has been taken down. The world has come to a stop and ONLY you can get it back up! Free websites like Google and Youtube in this new innovative puzzle game. Free the bits of data by unclogging the data steam.

Andre Pothier has published his first video game using Game Maker. Music by Anthony Seeha. Available for Windows Computers.

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