16 Bit Games

16 Bit Games is a video game development company. We believe that video games need to be two things: fun and simple. The name "16 Bit Games" comes from the idea that the "16-Bit" era comes after "8-Bit" era and that "16 Bit Games" will bring in the next generation of fun and simple that anyone can play.

We are currently focusing on developing fun and interactive mobile games. We plan on publishing our products on all four major mobile platforms (Google Android, Apple iOS, Blackberry 10 OS, and Windows Phone). Check out our selection in the "Store" category!

16 Bit Video Game Reviews

16 Bit Video Game Reviews is a video game review show that is part of the 16 Bit Games company. 16 Bit Video Game Reviews reviews anything and everything we can get our hands on! We try to cover a full spectrum of reviews from the old days of Atari to odd and obscure gems found on odd and obsecure consoles.

We have two styles main styles of shows. First is our traditional style review where we do an extensive review of a video game. Second is our Coin-Waster series which we show how much money it would cost to beat an arcade game. Check out our selection in the "Review" category!

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